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Business Insurance in Leesburg and Ashburn, VA

Building Business Insurance Solutions for the Greater Washington, D.C. Area

Laying a proper foundation is key to securing a solid structure. For businesses, insurance coverage serves as this base. Without the assurance it provides, the rest of the pieces can’t safely fall into place.


At Brent R. Lucas Agency, we supply the fundamental coverage commercial entities of all types and sizes in Leesburg and surrounding communities are seeking. Our agents act as architects of this protection, designing coverage based on your business’ unique needs. 


Constructing Customized Insurance Coverage

Businesses are manufactured as a reflection of the owner and staff. Just as these individuals differ in their aspirations and approach, each business contains contrasting aspects. Insurance policies must embrace these differences and not be fabricated in a one-size-fits-all manner.


We begin our process of securing adequate insurance coverage by learning more about your business practices. Experience has taught us the value of asking the right questions and actively listening to your requests. Focusing on this step ensures the policy produced can withstand the weight of business risks in a cost-effective manner.


The businesses we serve often have distinctive specializations. Although protection is available to a variety of specific industries, our agency specializes in a selection of industries. Our clientele includes professionals serving as general contractors, electricians, carpenters, and concrete producers.


One industry we frequently cater to consists of condominium owners and homeowners associations. We recommend habitational insurance to our clients who serve in this capacity.

Habitational insurance is a special type of policy designed for individuals and organizations that rent residences to others.


Generally small to medium-sized businesses can rely upon a business owners policy (BOP). A BOP encompasses property insurance, liability coverage, and crime insurance. Supplemental coverages can be added depending on the business insured. Agents will assist in determining the relevant options available.


Along with the coverages mentioned above, our comprehensive business insurance program includes commercial auto insurance, commercial property insurance, and workers compensation coverage. For more information regarding the business policies we produce, contact an agent at your convenience. 


A Hospitable Staff Hosting Quality Client Service

As an independent insurance agency, we have the opportunity to partner with a collection of national carriers, such as Nationwide, CNA, Philadelphia Insurance Companies, and Progressive. Our agency takes full advantage of these relationships, confirming a reliable insurance product backs every policy written.


Staff members at Brent R. Lucas Agency live and work in Loudoun County. This proximity offers an advantage when securing coverage for local residents and businesses. As your trusted neighbors, we have a unique understanding of the exposures businesses face and can take steps to reduce these risks.


Accessibility is often a challenge for insurance agencies. Agents work to get a policy in place, and then disappear until it is time for renewal. This, however, isn’t the way our business has operated since opening shop in 1993. As an agency, we strive to be accessible to clients – with a home and cell number provided on the office answering machine to connect clients beyond business hours. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, we’re available to answer your questions and communicate coverages.


Aside from insurance services, we’re also active members of the community. One of our favorite pastimes includes mentoring youth within the community through sport organizations.


We welcome the opportunity to secure the foundation of your business assets for decades to come. To start constructing your policy, request a quote


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